Our services

Liquidity Financial Advisers offer the following:

• Advice for a fixed price
• Reviewing the suitability of your current strategy
• Preparing and presenting written reports to you (Statements Of Advice)
• Recommending products that you can buy or continue to hold
• No commissions are sought or expected
• Clear, easy to read documentation
• Engaging other professionals and work with them on your behalf

Phil Davies, Tony Hing, Richard Barber, Debbie Lin & Stuart Barber can advise from an unrestricted range of products and services including:

• Deposit Products
• Securities (incl. Australian Listed Company Shares)
• Government Debentures, Stocks and Bonds
• Superannuation (incl. Pensions)
• Life Insurance Risk and Investment Products
• Managed Investment Schemes including ‘Investor Directed Portfolio Services’ (“IDPS”).
• Investment: Preparing an investment, superannuation or retirement plan for you. This is personal advice and called a ‘Statement of Advice’ (or SoA).

Are there any limitations to the advice?

Yes.  We are not lawyers, nor registered tax advisers.  We could need the services of accountants, registered tax advisers, legal professionals, stockbrokers, licensed real estate agents or other external consultants.

We will refer you to websites e.g. for Product Disclosure Statements and our personal advice dealings are all recorded electronically.  We retain records of initial and ongoing advice for 7 years.  You can request copies free of charge.