Want independent financial advice that compliments your business?

We provide tailored SMSF investment strategies each year for your trustees.

We offer fixed price, standalone advisory services- you and your SMSF trustee clients don’t need to be locked into any contracts or service arrangements. With changes to superannuation advice licensing taking effect July 2016, Liquidity Independent Advisers can provide a solution to your financial advice needs- without compromising your client relationships or practice independence.

Liquidity Independent Financial Advisers offer tailored SMSF strategies that trustees understand and control and keep you informed as the SMSF trustee’s key contact. Advantages of working with Liquidity Independent Advisers include:

  • We do not represent a bank or product manufacturer and we are licensed to advise upon an unrestricted range of strategy and products, with your clients best interests at the core of everything we do.
  • We can assist with specific personal financial advice concerning investment strategy, suitability of SMSFs, switching products, replacement of products and risk advice- in clear, actionable strategies for your clients.
  • We are not registered with the Tax Practitioners Board and we do not offer tax/accounting services, instead we provide a complimentary service to your existing accounting business offering.
  • There are no referral fees, no spotters fees, no commissions, no product push…. and no need to establish your own AFSL nor join as a representative of another firm’s licensee.

Why accountants use us:

Like you- we own and operate our own business.
We understand the importance of independence.
We don’t do tax. We focus on our core business- financial advice- and we can help you focus on yours.
Engage our services only when you need them- you don’t have to join a licensee, and you avoid the onerous work of obtaining an AFSL.

Side-step the licensing stress

Minimise the risk to your business and your clients