Self-funded? Pensions? Planning to retire soon?

Self-funded retirees can rely on us for unbiased and realistic advice. Matters include how much capital you need to retire to maintain your lifestyle and whether longevity or sequencing risks could be an issue. In this global low interest rate environment, self-funded retirees in particular face a challenge to maintain capital and fund their lifestyle. We can offer impartial financial advice to help you build a portfolio.

Understanding Centrelink and Aged Pension changes:

Australians enjoy a great social security system; however; it can be daunting to navigate the complex maze of asset and incomes tests, allowances and deductions to understand your entitlements. Liquidity Independent Financial Advisers can explain the eligibility considerations and payments available. We can help you approaching retirement to organise your finances to maximise entitlements and with aged pension changes due to take effect in 2017 it is very important to obtain independent financial advice well in advance to optimise your position.

If you are looking at care or accommodation for yourself or a family member we can help you weigh up your options with honesty and sensitivity- our advisers have personal and professional experience dealing with these matters.

Make more time for living.

We also offer Centrelink assistance which allows you to nominate us to deal with them¬†on your behalf. Retirement is for living… not queuing in Centrelink.

For simple reporting, lodgement and compliance work our Centrelink services offer peace of mind and more time for the things you enjoy.

How we can help with retirement:

Our advisers have helped hundreds of clients plan their future.
We only work for you- we are not owned, licensed or paid by a bank or product provider.
Our advisers listen to your needs, with empathy for life’s challenging situations.

Honest advice in your best interest

Take control of your future and start a plan today