Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Independent advice for trustees of new or existing funds.

With Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) becoming a popular choice for many Australians, it is important that trustees receive advice.

We can work with your accountant, administrator and investment product providers.
We are impartial and work only in your best interests.

Learn more about becoming a trustee before you act:

Book a consultation with our advisers and receive independent, unbiased self-managed super fund information on the following key topics:

  • The lack of statutory compensation for trustees, the impact on insurances, access to complaints mechanisms
  • Is an SMSF appropriate for you?
  • Trustee obligations and the time and skills necessary to operate an SMSF
  • Trustee obligations to develop an investment strategy and the need to consider an exit strategy

Understanding the responsibilities of becoming a trustee, investment portfolio construction and establishing the most suitable trustee structure from the outset is critical. The ATO harshly penalises non-complying SMSF’s, and fixing a fund that was incorrectly structured or invested is complex and expensive – it’s always better to do it right from the start.

It is also worth noting- In many cases, an SMSF is actually not appropriate and we may be able to help you find another retirement savings vehicle that can meet your needs. Many providers now offer SMSF competitive products without the onerous trustee responsibilities.

Establishing and operating a fund

In addition to advising whether an SMSF is the best option for you, we can help you establish your fund. We can assist you to appoint administrators and tax professionals appropriate to your fund, or work with you and your existing accountant or administration provider, with regular ongoing reviews and support if you wish.

Importantly – We don’t provide tax agent services, instead we compliment the tax services your accountant provides, particularly with upcoming legislative changes limiting the kinds of financial advice accountants will be able to offer.

Do you need help?

We can also provide extensive remedial advice for established funds- we can help trustees and their administrators evaluate and improve their SMSF investment strategies to ensure their SMSF is achieving their goals. Trustees are only human and mistakes can happen and the reality is many of the SMSF’s in existence today are at risk of non-compliance – if you have any doubts about your fund it is important to seek independent SMSF financial advice now.

Exit strategies

We can advise upon winding up an SMSF which is no longer viable, we can also help trustees who may have underestimated the work required to operate an SMSF and now just want a simpler superannuation alternative.

Our SMSF strategies include planning for the eventual exit or change in trustees of the fund – if you don’t have a viable exit strategy in place we can help you meet this important legal requirement.

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