Thinking about property?

Australian’s love of property is well documented. However, like any investment it is critical that you seek independent financial advice before you dive in.

Liquidity independent advisers believe property, as part of the right strategy, can be a great investment. We also believe without a sound strategy and awareness of the risks it can be an expensive disaster. With no ties to product providers, mortgage lenders or real estate agents, we can give you impartial, honest advice as to whether property is for you. We also assist many young families and individuals to structure their finances sensibly to make a start on the property ladder- no real estate industry hype, pressure and jargon. Don’t take the lender, the agent or the spruikers word for it- seek independent financial advice for your real estate purchase before you sign anything.

Already holding property?

Own an investment property that isn’t living up to your expectations? Are you feeling pressure due to market, cashflow or regulatory changes? We can help. There are many critical factors to property investment, you may need impartial advice to know what to do next. Liquidity Independent Advisers have professional and personal property investment experience, in a range of structures including SMSF property.

We do not offer credit or mortgage broker services, and we can either work with your broker if you have one already, if you need access to a broker we can refer you to a reputable provider. We don’t have any ties to banks or product manufacturers. No ‘spotters fees’ or client referral payments are sought or provided to professionals we work with.

How we can help:

We are not licensed or owned by a bank or product provider.
We are not affiliated with real estate agents or developers.
Property is just one of many investments available, we can help you compare them.
Fee for service advice: You pay us only for the work we do, and we work only for you.

Understand your options

Learn how we can help with your property decisions today.