Aged Care

Helping a loved one move into Aged Care is complex and stressful. There are big decisions to be made, e.g. do we sell the home? This decision alone, could cost you OR save you thousands of dollars every year.

As an Aged Care accredited specialist, I can guide you through the process and assist you to make appropriate financial decisions along the way.

What does the process of moving into Aged Care look like?

The government website can help you understand the process;

  • Obtain an Aged Care assessment, through your local Aged Care assessment team
  • Research care services or residential facilities that best meet your needs
  • Seek a clear understanding of the costs
  • Secure professional help to clarify your financial options and to access all of your eligible entitlements
How I can help

As an Aged Care accredited specialist, I can explain the steps you need to take, the time-frames involved and generally what to expect.

This includes:

  • Helping you understand the four different Aged Care fees and if they apply to you;
    • Basic daily care fee
    • Means tested care fee
    • Extra service fee
    • Accommodation payment or deposit.
  • Giving you options on the best way to pay the various aged care fees.
  • Providing you with strategies to maximise your cashflow, minimise costs and ensure you receive the most from your Centrelink entitlements.
  • Understanding your options to keep, sell or rent the family home. Many people incorrectly assume that the family home will need to be sold. This is not always the case, so understanding the financial impact of such a big decision often helps siblings agree.

I will take the time to answer all of your questions relating to Aged Care costs and future estate plans.

Investment in quality aged care advice can take away some of the more stressful financial decisions at an emotional time.

Image of Debbie Lin, Aged Care accredited specialist and adviser for Liquidity.